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"I love it! The information inside your member area is INCREDIBLE.

Your articles are straight to the point - no wasting the time no one has by dragging things out.

The meat of the content is right there so it's easy to log in, scan the tips you have time to read, and come away with brilliant marketing ideas that can IMMEDIATELY be put to use!

Anyone struggling to turn over a profit with their online business will be floored by your info-packed member area (not to mention excited!). What they need to do right now is grab their membership so they can dig into the good stuff TODAY and find out why I'm over here every week.

Rebekah Nahai

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You have done your homework and came up with a site that will be very helpful for any one in a small online business or thinking about going in business online for themselves.

Thank you!"
Gary Pinson

Thank you for such a fantastic resource! A subscription to your site has already quickly benefitted me. In particular, your articles and resources are some of the best I have come across.

The price of this membership absolutely can NOT be beat! (Just the excellent bonus software and ebooks you give are worth much more). As good as the bonuses are, its the content and great advice that keeps me coming back.

George Allen

"...the articles on this website really do deliver what the headlines promise."

Jerry Minchey
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More Traffic To Your Site - Inexpensively!

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Low Competition Keywords

As much as I like free traffic to my sites, PPC traffic can still be a great deal. That is assuming of course that you can convert that traffic into paying customers.

As more people jump on the PPC bandwagon, it is getting more important than ever to target less popular keyword phrases as well. Without as many bidders on them, particular keyword phrases will cost you less money.

The down side is that they won't likely be sending you as much traffic which is why they are not as popular. The goal is to have a lot of those less popular phrases so that inexpensive traffic adds up to a good amount of traffic.

Finding Keywords

I go out of my way to target as many lesser popular keyword phrases as possible.

Here are some of the ways I go about it.

The first place to start is to use the Overture inventory tool.

Input your main phrase and it will give you lists of various (usually) related phrases as well. Often times I copy and paste these right into my pay per click campaigns after weeding out the unrelated phrases.

My second stop is to Wordtracker to do the same thing. Between those two sources I can come up with many different variations of keyword phrases.


Don't forget to plug in some of the variations themselves into these sites and see what gets suggested. You are liable to find even more keyword phrases.

My next stop for keyword phrase brainstorming? I go to

Using To Brainstorm is a great little research tool. The reason for it is pretty simple. They have a very robust search engine built into all of their product listings.

Amazon is constantly trying to offer you related items to the product you are searching for.

Simply search for books or materials on Amazon related to your topic. Make note of the following:

  • different titles that come up
  • descriptions of those titles
  • reviews by customers
  • related items of interest titles
  • Listmania lists of recommended books compiled for you
  • "Customers Also Bought"... suggestions

You are very likely to be inspired towards keywords that you hadn't even considered before.

This is a gold mine of inspiration just waiting for you to dig into. Spending 10 minutes browsing through Amazon is likely to be well worth it.

Make the most of your time. Open up a text file on your computer. Copy and paste different keyword phrases onto separate lines in the file.

Use these research tools to focus on bidding on some of the less popular keywords. This is a great tactic to add more traffic at a rock bottom price to your site.

Can't find what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

·  Find Top Keywords In Real Time For Free