Google Adsense Tips

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Google Adsense Tips

Before I share with you some of my Google Adsense Tips that I have learned first hand, I wanted to explain the program a bit. If you are unfamiliar with the specifics of how it works, I outline it below. I will then be sharing with you some of the tactics that I have used to dramatically increase my profits from them.

You can check out the Google Adsense program here. Anyone with a web site needs to pay attention to this. There is definitely the possibility of adding income very easily onto your web site.

What Adsense All About

It is a very easy concept.

If you have ever searched for anything on google, you no doubt have seen the "Adword" ads on the right side and top of the screen.

Before we get into the Tips for Google Adsense, here are some example Adword ads
Before we get into the Tips for Google Adsense, here are some example Adword ads

These are pay per click ads that anyone can have appear on google. Google shows the ad in relation to what ever is being searched for. When someone clicks on the ad, the advertiser pays for the click which gets sent to their site.

These pay per click ads have been a very profitable money maker for Google. Now they've opened up a chance for web site owners to share in this profit stream.

You can have some of these same ads appear on your web site. You then share the money with google when someone clicks on the ad. Adsense is free to join and easy to quickly get it running.

What The Potential Profits Are

I can tell you first hand that google is paying pretty good money for some of the ads that people are clicking on.

Google does not allow anyone to tell specifics about the how much money is being paid out but there are sites making $10,000 or more per month through Google Adsense. These sites are in the so called "Fedex Club" because their monthly commission checks are delivered via Fedex to the site owners.

Why is this such a break through for web sites?

  • Web sites do not have to search for advertisers anymore if they don't want to
  • No more managing the ad programs, banner rotations or deciding what ads are appropriate on which pages

This allows you to work on your content more instead of trying to solicit more advertising revenue.

Control Over The Ads

Google gives you some control over the adsense ads that appear. You can:

  • Adjust the look of your ads by changing the colors to help match the look of your site
  • Block competing sites ads from appearing on your site by blocking specific IP address sites
  • Decide where you want them to appear and in what configuration. The google adsense is put on a website with a very small snippet of javascript code. You simply insert the javascript in your html whereever you want the ad to appear.

Examples of Adsense Ads
You have a choice of a vertical group of ads like this:

or a horizontal group of ads which look like this:

(Note: I changed the color of these adsense ads to show you two of the many different color combinations available).

Relevance Of Ads

Google will generate ads which are appropriate to the content on your pages. The google adsense spiders will scan the pages that you have the adsense code on and decide what type of ads are most appropriate. This helps more people click on the ads because it is relevant to the page on which it appears.

Because of this relevancy, it is important to try to make the pages as specific to one topic as possible. By doing so, the adsense ads will be more relevant and generate more money for you.

I am going to discuss specific strategies to make this happen in upcoming articles.

Getting Paid

The ad payouts per click can be pretty generous. It is not known how much google is splitting with a web site or even if each web site gets a different amount than another site.

You can log in and check your account at any time. You can also see how many clicks you have generated along with how much money you've earned.

Some Drawbacks Of Using Google Adsense

There are definitely some things you should think about if you are going to implement Google Adsense ads on your site:

  • When someone clicks on an ad, you are losing that visitor's attention to the other site. The trade off of course is that you are getting money in return. It is important that you weight the loss of visitors with the monetary gain.
  • The payout threshold is $100. In other words, you won't get paid until you reach $100 in earnings. For webmasters with significant traffic, this will happen pretty quickly. Otherwise, you may have to wait awhile for it to appear.
  • Not every site gets accepted. You need to apply to the program and they will check out your site. They will not accept "personal sites" like a family homepage for example. They also have the option of not allowing sites that are too busy with multiple other forms of advertisement.

Google Adsense is definitely worth taking a strong look at.

It isn't right for every business model but it can be profitable for sites which are a good fit.

There are websites designed to be as google adsense friendly as possible. I will be sharing some of the tactics for increasing the profits.

A "p.s." to this article....

Great Side Benefit

During the making of this article, I learned something which may be of interest.

I posted this article and made a few modifications to it. I watched as the adsense ads started to get more relevant to the topics on the page each time I reloaded it. It appears to focus on the word "ad" and is showing pay per click listings on the sample listings shown here.

I also found that the google search engine spiders do in fact immediately visit the page to index it. This article and one link coming from it were instantly indexed by google.

Now, I don't know what (if any) effect this has on how quickly this article gets officially indexed by google but I will be watching it closely and report back to you on the results.

If in fact it speeds up the indexing of the page, that is a strong reason alone to put some adsense ads on your page.

I am not sure if this is typical with ever page putting Google Adsense ads on it but I thought it was worth sharing that tip with you just in case...