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"I love it! The information inside your member area is INCREDIBLE.

Your articles are straight to the point - no wasting the time no one has by dragging things out.

The meat of the content is right there so it's easy to log in, scan the tips you have time to read, and come away with brilliant marketing ideas that can IMMEDIATELY be put to use!

Anyone struggling to turn over a profit with their online business will be floored by your info-packed member area (not to mention excited!). What they need to do right now is grab their membership so they can dig into the good stuff TODAY and find out why I'm over here every week.

Rebekah Nahai

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You have done your homework and came up with a site that will be very helpful for any one in a small online business or thinking about going in business online for themselves.

Thank you!"
Gary Pinson

Thank you for such a fantastic resource! A subscription to your site has already quickly benefitted me. In particular, your articles and resources are some of the best I have come across.

The price of this membership absolutely can NOT be beat! (Just the excellent bonus software and ebooks you give are worth much more). As good as the bonuses are, its the content and great advice that keeps me coming back.

George Allen

"...the articles on this website really do deliver what the headlines promise."

Jerry Minchey
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Advanced Technique to Increase Sales

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How many close call sales are you letting get away? Here's a technique which has had a dramatic effect on increased sales for me.

Have you ever tracked how many people get to your order page but then change their mind?

You can easily figure this out by looking at your web site’s statistics. Look at how many unique hits your order page gets.

Compare that to how many sales you made in that same period. Your sales are probably low compare to how many thought about ordering.

What can you do to try to convert some of these “almost sales” into sales?

One system you can implement is a “pop up on exit” strategy. You configure your web page so that if someone leaves a page just prior to ordering, a popup window will come up giving you a second chance to convert the visitor into a customer.

On the pop up page you can you should can do any of the following:

  • Reinforce their smart decision to buy
  • Explain the benefits of your product(s)
  • Remove any resistance to making the final decision. This can be done by explaining your money back guarantee, excellent customer service, no risk in ordering etc.

You may even want to offer a reduced price offer if they order right now.

Here is how you do it

Step # 1
In the html of your web page, place the following javascript before the "/head" tag near the top of the HTML on your web page:

You want to change the line that starts with “var url”. You would put the location of the page you want to pop up here.

You can also change the “var win” line. These are the conditions that the window will have when it pops up. Right now it is set so that there would be no toolbar, directories, menu or scroll bars on the pop up window.

If you would like for the window to have any of those features, simply change the “0” to a “1”

The next line which starts with “resizeable” can also be changed. This controls the size dimensions of the pop up window. You can set these to your preference.

Step #2 Look for the tag which is probably within the top dozen or so lines down. It may look something similar to this:


You want to add to the end of this the following: onUnload="exitwindow()"


Step #3 Ok, so far this will have a page pop up every single time someone leaves your page. We want to make it even more specific. We only want the page to pop up if they leave without going to the order link.

We need a way to tell the page “don’t pop up a window if they click here”. The way to do that is here:

For any links that you do not want the pop generated, add this code to those links:

For example, the link to your order page may look like:


Add in the code so that it looks like this:


Now anybody that clicks on those specific links will not have the pop up page generated for them. More importantly, those who leave the order page without ordering will have a popup presented. You can offer an extra bonus for ordering, restate why they should buy or even offer a discounted price available only from the popup window.

Real World Application: I have successfully used this strategy to boost my conversion rates by just over 20%. You should experiment with different variations to determine which pop up page is the most profitable for you.

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